The Magical World of Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies can be both incredibly fascinating and absolutely overwhelming. The aim of this project is to provide curated information for everyone interested in the topic. To give something back to the community, any provided content will always be free and accessible for everyone. Since it’s a crowd-sourced project, contributions of any form are highly welcome.

The newest version of the book can be found below and is updated on a regular basis to include all the recent contributions.

V1.0 (last updated 19/12/18):

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As the whole cryptocurrency space is changing incredibly fast, news and technical fundamentals become outdated very quickly. Therefore, I wanted to give everyone this opportunity to contribute and create a book that can evolve over time. Any contribution is welcome and might be a great help for people interested in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies around the world. Contributors will be named in the book, and a top contributor will be announced on a monthly basis.

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If you want to support the project, feel free to make a donation. My aim is to set up a non-profit foundation to hand out scholarships for students enriching the space. Besides that, I hope to fund blockchain-focused hackathons in the near future. Every scholarship applicant and/or a hackathon topic will be picked and decided on by a community vote. Everything will be 100 percent transparent and traceable. Always.

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